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References and testimonials from clients

Hi again, Tore

I would first like to say that you have a very pleasant voice to listen to. Then I would like to thank you for your interpretation of my horoscope, which was eerily «spot on». Of course it is impossible for you to know the issues that I am facing.

Thank you, thank you so much for your interpretation

Best regards, Siv Bråten

Hello Tore
Thank you very much for a solid review of my horoscope 😁
There was a lot of familiar material here – at the same time as I will have to do some soul searching 🤓
It would have been useful to have you as a mentor, but will probably have to try and get to the bottom of it myself 🧐
Once again thanks a lot!
Regards HG


Hi Tore :-)

We ordered the Goddess horoscope from you. Thanks so much for the effort you put into this. We have been listening to both audio files together. The insights and knowledge that you relate is very recognisable. In addition, it has been enriching to get to know each other better through the horoscopes. This has led to reflection and some good conversations It is interesting to listen to you and your interpretations. We are grateful that you chose to send us sound files instead of written reports.

Best regards, OI

Hi Tore,
Thank you very much for very interesting horoscope. I recognize myself in a lot..
Hi Tore
Now I’m ready to order a new horoscope for the year ahead. The previous horoscope was just spot on!. Thanks so much for that! 
Am looking forward to a new horoscope 🙂. Wishing you a Happy New Year🙂
Kind regards

Hi Tore,

Thanks for the horoscope. I got chills from start to finish. You describe my life and me identically to how it has been and is. I know now that I am on the right path. Thanks 🙂 Never been read so correctly!



Hi Tore,
I have so much to thank you for. You have really opened my interest in astrology and spiritual development. It’s a big part of my life now.
Hi Tore,

Thank you so much for that you were able to offer this interpretation / horoscope. It was easy to recognise and could absolutely have some meaning with regard to the situation I find myself in at the moment. As you said, I have the ability to know the truth.
Best regards,

Hi Tore,
😊Thank you very much for a rich horoscope. I hear you are well into my relationship. Going to send an order/gift to a family member who would definitely benefit from a horoscope from you. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
Best regards,

Hello Tore,

I have ordered a yearly horoscope from you before. Last year you said that a major change was due to happen at the start of summer. This certainly happened, when I got into the real estate market and bought my own apartment. You also mentioned that it would be possible that I could meet a potential boyfriend. This was something that could have fallen into place, everything had fallen into place for it, but I backed out. You also said something about that my life would become easier from the autumn and that a difficult period had come to a conclusion. This is 100% right.

Best regards, SW

Hi Tore,
I would like to order my annual horoscope for 2023. I also want to mention that in the horoscope for 2022 you mentioned that I could be moving to a new place, and to my amazement, this is exactly what happened. ..
Hello Tore
Thank you so much for the spiritual horoscope that you did for me. There was quite a lot there that I have actually experienced in my own life.
Quite magical actually. And that our soul experiences many lives etc. is a very natural concept for me.
I don’t just accept everything that is thrown at me and personal freedom is very important for me. So very many points spot on.
Something that I am very curious about is whether a horoscope concerning profession, career and finances can show the way or help me a little in the next phase of my life?
Best regards,

Hi Tore

Thanks so much for the horoscope!

I have been listening to it and so much of it seems so familiar :) I feel that there was so much that was spot-on accurate, especially remembering that you do not know me, but there are as you say many different interpretations that are possible. I would like to make a few notes and revert to you going forward and order a horoscope that takes up a few of these threads. You have some interesting points of view that I absolutely want to take with me into the future and delve deeper into.

Best regards


Hi Tore,

Many thanks, this was exciting and with many confirmations. Amazing how accurate you are.

I take everything with me as educational knowledge.

There is a lot to sink in and absorb. Just seeing everything in a context of many lives lived is an interesting perspective.

All the best and have a good weekend 😊

Best regards,


Hello Tore

Have just been out for a walk and been listening to the horoscope.

I must say that I was floating off the ground while listening to this.

I must also add that you recorded this with fine pauses, just enough time to think through what you just said. Very interesting and confirms much of what I have experienced going on with me. I would really like to have a chat with you ☺️

There is a reason for that I have ordered the horoscope to try and understand a little more about what is happening to me –

I must listen a lot more to you in the days ahead and all of your good advice, which really fitted the picture. I also want to thank you for the work you are doing / your passion for what you do. It is really incredible what you can see from the positions of the planets. I am impressed!



Thank you very much, Tore

It was a great experience to hear my birth horoscope on your audio file.

Thanks again and happy Easter to you.

Kind regards,

Hey Tore.
Got the horoscope today, sounds like it’s going to be an exciting year. Have a nice day still.
Regards E. L.

Hi Tore,

Have been listening to the horoscope from 2021 again and it’s amazing how much was spot on. Exciting to hear what 2022 will bring –

Best regards. L.E.

Hi Tore,

I’ve ordered a horoscope for the year ahead 2022. Thanks a lot for the previous horoscope you sent me, it was really great!

Best regards, LH

Hi Tore,

I also ordered a natal horoscope this autumn. Here there was an explanation about how the stars were placed in relation to each other when I was born.

Something which also provided some explanation about why life feels more difficult than positive at times. Also about why I have taken some unfortunate / difficult choices for myself..

Soon it is 2022 and I want to order a horoscope for the year ahead. Perhaps there are some positive things waiting ahead in the new year? Or situations I ought to be aware of?

Regards, SV

Hi Tore,

Thanks for my natal horoscope. It was interesting and a great deal was spot on about who I am and what I have done with my life. I also got some new perspectives on myself that probably are correct but which I haven’t been so aware of. In addition, I am considering to order one or more of the other horoscopes that you offer.

Best regards, KV

Dear Tore.

I want to say thank you so much for the incredibly informative and exciting Goddess horoscope. It was just so accurate and close to reality and in addition, I felt I received new strength from hearing about those Goddesses that I am linked to and which are prominent in my horoscope. I learned a lot from this. Also, I appreciate so much your endless knowledge and pleasant voice and that you use my name quite often when you are recording my horoscope. This horoscope I will be recommending to others.

I am very grateful for what you have given me.

 Best regards, BH

Hello Tore,
I was so lucky to receive an MP3 sound file sent by you in May 2017. I had primarily wanted a location horoscope, but you were wise enough to give the reading a broader perspective. Now I primarily would like to order a YEAR AHEAD HOROSCOPE from you. Big changes are taking place in my life. I’m really wondering what my horoscope will show and am happy that you are able to help me. …………………… Yes, now I have listened to the sound file and it was very accurate and suited well for this year ahead. Kind regards J.B.

Hi Tore,

Just had to send you an update on the horoscope you made for me, have just been listening to it again once more. Just have to say «Wow!» because that was just so spot on, and gave me many confirmations.

You said that I had begun in 2019, 2018 and could also have started in 2017, that I  had started to think about my direction in life, and this was what I was doing in August 2017 when I began a completely new course of study. So now I am working in an institution that you said would attract me. Must mention that if I’m to have a «normal» kind of job, then I’m in the right place because I just love to help other people, but what I’m really interested in is the spiritual, healing, and therapies kind of work. This is also all about helping others.

Another thing is that as you said I like working with groups of people, but also need time alone, and that is right.

You also said that I may have experienced a father who was not present at home and that is right, as my parents were divorced when I was four years old. That happened very suddenly and felt like a loss and really difficult for a small child to cope with. You also said that I had a strong mother and that is right.

It was just amazing how much of this was right and I was so happy to get a confirmation for some things that I also have felt, but perhaps could not be sure about it. This horoscope means so much for me, and I’m just so happy about it, thank you so much, Will, more than likely get back to you soon for a years’ horoscope.

Have a great day!

Best wishes, PA

Hi Tore,

I ordered a yearly horoscope from you last year. There were some things that were quite specific, and that I could not really relate to. During the course of the year, these things happened. I am impressed that it is really possible to be so accurate in making a prediction. The only thing you knew about me was my name and date of birth, and still, you could tell me things about my life that not even I could have imagined. These past few years my life has been quite difficult. The two horoscopes you made for me have really helped me to tackle situations in a constructive way, instead of being overwhelmed by the problems. Thanks so much.

Best regards,


Hei Tore,

As you know I’ve been ordering year horoscopes from you since 2009 and it is amazing how much has been spot on, looking forward to receiving the horoscope for 2021. Have a good weekend!

Regards EL


Thank you so much for the horoscope!!!

It was so good to listen to everything you’re telling me about and important for my life ahead. Thanks!

Best regards from MG

Hi Tore,

For 2019 you foresaw moving. ☺

I moved back to Norway at the end of September and a very happy with that, only have to get used to the Norwegian prices.
You have interpreted horoscopes for me for 10 years, and it is amazing how accurate you are, I am just as amazed each year.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
All the best,
Hi Tore,
Thanks so much for the monthly horoscope for December!
It’s just great that it is back again!
I read your horoscopes each week, and in addition, you have the very best weekly horoscope!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas! ?

Kind regards,
Johanne A.

Hi Tore,

Thanks so much. This explained a lot, am sensitive these days. Yes, that’s right, I have been searching inside for some answers. Quite right that it’s a bit turbulent with these women that you mention. Already now I’m aware that this will be a year that focuses on the inner levels, yes…  Will probably be in touch again at a later date. Have found a lot of answers in astrology :-)
Thanks again.
Best regards, SM

Hi Tore,
Thank you very much, I am looking forward to listening to your  horoskope for 2019. Always exciting, and there is always so much that is correct  when I hear back on those I have ordered from you earlier years.

Kind regards, GI

Hi Tore,

I have ordered and paid for the horoscope today. As usual, in general, the economy and love.

Looking forward to receiving the horoscope. As you know, I have ordered horoscopes from 2009 and for all these years you have been very accurate so it will be exciting to hear what 2019 brings.

Best wishes, EL

Hi Tore,
Now I’m excited to hear how 2019 will be. The horoscope for 2018 voted well …

Best wishes,


Hi, Tore

I just want to tell you that I like your very good website. Exquisite, informative, modern and useful. Thank you for the services you offer that help people find their potential.

Thanks and thanks. Eternal thank you.

Best wishes, SW

Hi Tore

I have received the audio file. Thank you a lot!!! What you say suits very much in the life phase I am in right now. THANKS !!!

Best regards, VS

Hi Tore,

Thanks so much, you interpreted my horoscope for the year that just passed and now I really feel that I need another one. Have been thinking a lot about what I shall do / what I would like to do …

With lot of good wishes,


Hello Tore,

Thank you for an amazingly thorough, worked through and detailed horoscope.

I have listened to it once and will have to listen again tomorrow as there was so much information.

It gave me greater clarity on areas that are a problem for me to see. I also got confirmation of much that I already really knew, but it is good as this helps me to trust my own inner voice and that what it is telling me is correct.

Thank you so much, very exciting and intriguing, and I really find you and your knowledge and unique way of communicating very fascinating.

Thank you again.

Thanks so much again for your help.

Best regards,


Hello Tore,

Am sitting and looking through impulses and words you’ve given me earlier this year.

Can only say «WOW!»

I would like to order two more horoscopes, Spiritual and Goddess.

Thanks so much,

Best wishes,



You made a year ahead horoscope for me last year and I would now like to order one also for 2018.

I on my part have become more open and believing in things after listening to your predictions. As I felt that it was all so extremely spot on.

Am looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day, Tore :)

Best regards,


Hi Tore.

Have ordered and paid for a year horoscope 2018. As usual please have a look at general love and romance, and finances.
As you know I have been ordering horoscopes since 2009 and don’t  dare to stop, you are just so right on target. Looking forward to receiving the horoscope. Have a nice weekend and good advent time.
Best regards


Hi Tore,

Thank you very much for a striking and interesting horoscope. I do recognise myself in this.

Best wishes, ME

Hallo Tore.

Thanks for the horoscope. It confirms that there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Regards, JH

Dear Tore.

Thank you so  much for all the work you have done for me. I have almost no words to express how useful it has been. It was good to listen to your mellifluous voice and I learned a lot from this. It’s so good to actually realise how much this all fits together. I look forward to listening to the whole reading once more later today.

Best regards, Woman, Southern Norway

Hello again!

Thanks so much! This was very interesting! I can recognize my son in how you describe him.More than likely I’ll get back to you with some more orders in a while. Have a nice day!

Best regards CB

Hello Tore,

I have ordered and paid for the horoscope today. As usual the horoscope for 2016 was right on, amazing how accurate you are, am looking forward to the horoscope for 2017. As before I would like you to have a look at what’s happening generally, relationship and finances.

Greetings from Spain

Hello Tore,

Yes, a few years have passed now since i ordered both natal and spiritual horoscopes from you. Since then and with small steps at a time I’ve started a transformation process. Many positive things have turned up during the journey  (which is still on-going) and I must add that listen to the sound files from you over and over again and find something new to work with each time I listen. Yes, since it is a question of many life-changing and decisive situations that come up at times, I thought that you would be the best one to do a whole year horoscope for me.

Thank you so much Tore and I would like you to know that you have intensified and contributed toward my spiritual interests and my journey! This I thank you for from the bottom of my heart!

Kind regards,

Woman, Oslo

Hi Tore,

I read your article about Pluto and the underworld as you suggested. It gripped me in the heart.

The horoscope was really accurate.

It feels as if the whole horoscope acted as a good healing experience.

Male Norwegian healer

Dear Tore,

Thank you for an interesting reading. Gave me a lot to think about, and some surprises …


Hi Tore,

Wish you a nice day and thanks again for the great help, I’m so glad that I found you- you’ve opened up a whole new world for me.

Lady from Norway

Hello Tore,

Thanks for Mail and thanks for the last relationship horoscope.

It is incredibly fascinating and just how it is. The work you do is so thorough with so much content, philosophical and analytical, that I have to listen to it many times to see the connections. Thank you very, very much. You are an incredibly talented astrologer. You see and describe my character very similar to how I experience it and life.

Wishing you a nice afternoon Tore and thanks again. You are unique in the way you describe, understand and analyse life with the beautiful voice. What you say carries weight, you have experience, warmth, understanding and knowledge.

Best regards


Hello Tore.

I am impressed!

Was left with a feeling that you had talked to both my partner and my parents.

Completely wild.

What can be done further? You talked about a next step in the horoscope. I would love to go further.

Male from Haugesund.

Hello Tore,

Thank you for incredibly exciting and interesting horoscopes. It’s incredibly correct and accurate, but also very much information. I listen to it over and over again. Am incredibly grateful for your help and would like other horoscopes from you-

Lady from Oslo

Hi Tore,

I have for the last 2 years been regularly reading your Sun Sign Columns on the internet.This has at times been extremely good, and especially last year’s predictions. I read your weekly  columns and  also of course you monthly.

Now I want a more personal one. Hope you have the time make me a birth chart as well one with predictions for next year, as they have been extremely good and correct.

Man from Bergen, Norway

Hello again,

Now, I’ve ordered horoscope interpretation since 2009 and do not dare to stop. Am very impressed how accurate you are. Looking forward to receive your horoscope for 2016.


Hei Tore,

I could actually need guidance now. In previous interpretation has all been correct, that I have an alternative side ready for a major development, that money is coming in, and withdrawal and sadness / loneliness, though very much due to the fact that my mom died unexpectedly.

Best regards,


Hi Tore,
You set up a horoscope for me at the end of May and I just have to let you know that what you talk about in this horoscope is incredibly to the point! It’s almost frightening! Everything you say about my feelings is accurate and I’ve now been seeing a psychologist to get some help to «sort this out». The man I had fallen in love with has fully revealed himself – and I had a suspicion – to be a notorious womaniser and I just have to be glad that it all came to nothing.

I can absolutely recommend you to anyone else who may need some guidance!
Lady from Northern Norway

Hello and thank you for my astrological chart interpretation. You have mentioned aspects of myself that have not been looked at before or that I’ve noticed myself, but there is so much information I’ll have to send you an email when I’ve listened enough times and had a chance to absorb and understand it. Otherwise it’s very specific and right on target,
thanks so much.

Tore – Masters, Forum no. 4, 2013, Norwegian Astrological Association
Tore – Mastergradi in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, Medium no. 12, 2013
Interview Byavisa Tønsberg – Moss – Drammen
Presentation Sheet Medium
YouTube – Mini Course
Master Level Education at the University of Wales
Lecture on Astrology, Cosmology & Archaeoastronomy the world’s largest astroloigkonferanse – UAC 2012, New Orleasns, USA
Is inivtert to speak about astrology History of Polaris Astrology Conference 2013 in Oslo

References Horoscope

A serious astrologer…. Can Get a lot of information out of the birth chart, the road we have been given lies mapped out ahead… I’ve had my horoscopes done by astrologer Tore Lomsdalen, he has helped me many times… Am prepared for what lies ahead both positively and negatively … I recommend Tore in the strongest possible terms…
Regards, Marie

Hi Tore,
I have now listened to the sound file and I’m very grateful! And you’ve startled me a little.

I am now in the tidying up phase that you describe with both psychic, physical and mental house cleaning. And the word «forgivenness» is probably that which I have done most work on in the last month, for everything that has happened in life ….. and the feeling that this year vill be very important has been simmering for a long time. Yes thanks a lot! You’re good at this and I now feel more secure that the road I’m on is right for me and that there’s still more work to do. But then you get growth and insights when you roll up your sleeves and do some difficult work. Thanks. for now.
Best regards Anne

Hello again.
Erik got his horoscope as a birthday gift. It has given him some eye-opening experiences and new perspective, and is going to listen to the CD many times, he thanked me and I thank you! Would like you to make a new chart for me too.
Thanks in advance
Regards Kirsten

Hello and Happy New Year.
Thanks both for the year horoscope 2015 and the one that looks at more personal details.
It felt as if this fitted very well, had a good laugh several times, interesting and funny!

Hi Tore
I ordered and paid for a 2015 horoscope yesterday. In my 2014 horoscope you saw moving either before May or in the middle of October. This was not in my thoughts at all or any wish to move somewhere else but things happen, so on 15 October I signed a contract and moved to another house two houses further down in the same street on 1 November!

As usual I would like you to have a general look at what 2015 holds for me, as well as economy and couples. I am with the same boyfriend since 2009. We enjoy being together, and as you said for 2014 our relationship would get stronger and so it has. So once again you’ve been really spot-on! It will be exciting to hear what 2015 holds for me.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas

I just want to thank you for your horoscope. I’m a little humbled by how much can be interpreted in a horoscope. Heard on the astrological chart several times and it matches very, – in the past with also with regard to future work, -like I am well underway med.Så why thank you! I see this as a good motivation for further work and development of myself!
with the desire for a nice day!

Hey Tore,
Thank you for your job, I’m already begun. I realize this is not an exact science but I feel a strong spiritual connection. The job should be done. A little extra thanks for calming advice.

Kaer Tore,
I have followed your horoscopes farther and find it very spændende.
Mette, Denmark

Hey Tore,
Just have to say that the interpretation I got last year, has made much of me. Thanks

Hey Tore,
It was a wonderful interpretation of our parhoroskop! We like so good
H & P

Hey Tore,
Thank you for a terrific chart. That’s a lot I can grasp.

Hey Tore.
I have always been interested in astrology and puts up map itself. but
there are very few skilled who can interpret horoscopes.
You’re the only accurate I have read. Each week votes scary good,
so I’ve started «gruglede» me Wednesdays when Byavisa come.
Do you accept appointments for personal counseling?
Sincerely HS

Hey Tore
Thinking of you, hope you are doing well? You are an amazing astrologer … a good person .. horoscope I got you in the Christmas has been so far … all right … Good to know what can happen … Does it not as easy a day. Oh .. can say I have been «exploited» as you said in your horoscope. .. Have a «job» to do, learn to not be so «dumsnill» Thank you my friend and astrologer Hugs V.

Hey Tore,
have read with interest your ukeshoroskopene in one of the local papers and think you write well and surprisingly accurate. I would therefore like to get a book årshoroskop ……
vh Rob

Hey Tore,
Just want to thank you so much for my årshoroskopet. Heard through it a few times now, and have a bit of thinking. You tell on an incredibly comfortable way, and I found myself laughing at my judgment in love enough not completely sharp at the moment. You hit incredibly well regarding that I am a strong feeling human being who tend to live according to what others expect of me. (Instead of thinking about what I myself would spend my time). Have a nice weekend. And thanks for the nice reading.

Thank you for your horoscope! Can only say; amazing! This was confirmation of my energies as I wanted.
Only myself have seen this in my horoscope. And you now …
I must say, Thank you, this is a lot to digest.
We talk, Tore!
Astrology Colleague

Hello and thanks again for your reply!
Yes, I know of course that I am a strong person and likes to decide, as it is such a horoscope good to be reminded that one can «calm» down occasionally:-)
So now I have learned my lesson and I do not make the same mistake / choose the wrong conditions.
So thanks again for the thorough and great chart, so now I’m looking forward to throughout 2014.
Good luck to you too:-)
Thank you for horoscopes, much interrestin and educational.
Should take me much further and use to further development.
Will follow your advice to forgive and move on and think about my future.
vh, Trondheim

Hey Tore.
Now I have heard the horoscope a couple of times and I must say impressed me with what you have to say. Thank you.
I know a number of things you are talking about. Very interesting what you have to tell, I must say. You’re absolutely right that something happened in the months you mention last year.
Greetings from Kristiansund
Thank you.
Thanks for the year horoscope once I’ve heard it many times now … Will be interesting to see … but it sounds so right out …
Want to book a årshoroskop 2014 from you. Got one last year. Must again say that quite a lot in the last horoscope has been correct.

Hey Tore,
Having listened – you are a wise man, and I’ll probably listen to this several times. The way I interpret what you are saying is this year more positive than what you conveyed to last year. Basing myself on emotions and let intuition take over – and there have been the uncanny good, for I am afraid of losing control.
Female Oslo

Hey Tore.
I got a årshoroskop from about 2013, it has actually helped me to be aware of what is happening in my life and just knowing «that way it is now,» this must igjennom.Det to have awareness of it is easier than wonder ???
I now want årshoroskop from you in 2014 …..
Female, Bergen

Hello again
You are a great help Tore What you are doing is of great help Oh one more time

thanks for horoscope You are unique Wish you a glorious July

Hey Tore.
Ordered new horokop because the previous has been very good. Thank you. Good to be prepared ..
vh, Jorunn

Hello again
Thank you for your horoscope, it came today Heard through it once you’re inside the lot where I feel is right … It will be exciting, feeling this is going to help me in the selection and development

Regards V.

I have on a few previous occasions received birth chart and årshoroskop from you, and I must say that in the year 2013 it happened many similarities with what you had anticipated. I would therefore like to request a new årshoroskop for 2014.
Female, Drammen

Hey, thanks a lot! Very interesting, much like voices.