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I can offer you the following astrologcial chart readings:

Natal Chart.

Natal Charts for children, youths and adults. All charts are personally made and interpreted.
Highly advanced astrological techniques are being used for the interpretation.

Children & Youth:

  • general character traits
  • relations to parents
  • life qualities
  • potentials and opportunities in life
  • how to meet challenges in life
  • schools, education and studies
  • ambitions and career
  • vocation
  • special abilities and capabilities.


  • general character traits
  • potentials and areas of importance
  • ambitions and career
  • love life and relationships
  • relating to other people
  • cycles and crises in life
  • development and aspirations
  • how to tackle challenges
  • my place in the society

Karmic Astrology & Past lives

We all have a lesson to learn and a life purpose
Past lives and Karmic chart reading, might help you to clarify it all.

Spiritual Astrology

This will help you to define where you are on your spiritual path and development.
Is your life working out according to your best spiritual interest and capabilities?
Mass-produced computer interpretations will not be used.
You can choose between an extensive written rapport, or on tape, CD and on a MP3 file.
Consultations via telephone can be arranged.
Private consultations subject to agreement.

The Future.

How does my future look like?
Future trends, tendencies and happenings in life.
Highly advanced astrological techniques are being used, within the following areas:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • for the current year
  • future years to come
  • lifecycles
  • Subscription available.

Love & relationships.

Synastry and composite charts between to and more people:

  • do we belong with each other?
  • how can we best live together?
  • love
  • sexual relation
  • marriage
  • the strong and challenging sides
  • dynamism in the relationship

For the single:

  • what kind of person would suit me best?
  • how do I find my “Twin Soul”?
  • do I have to stay single?
  • When do I meet my “dream” prince/princess?

For the Family:

  • Natal charts are made for each single family member.
  • In addition, a composite chart will be made for the family as a Unit.
  • how can we most constructively function together.
  • expand on the dynamism within the family.

Business and Vocational.

Astrological interpretations are actually frequently used as a supportive tool for Business questions:

  • “ME” in the organization.
  • organizational development and potentials.
  • who shall I choose as my partner.
  • How can we get the best human dynamism within our management team.
  • The market and future market trends.
  • Expand or consolidate.
  • Employment evaluations.
  • Future.


  • Ambitions and career.
  • What kind of work and career would suit me best.
  • What should be my educational profile.
  • Should I work freelance or be employed.
  • In what kind of organisation should I work.
  • With what kind bosses, colleagues and people can I fulfill my potential.
  • Horary.

Giving answers on very simple and straightforward questions like:

  • Does he/she love me?
  • Will we get divorced?
  • Will he leave her?
  • Will she leave him?
  • Do we get married?
  • Do I get that job?
  • Will this deal go through?
  • Do I have to sell my house to survive economically?
  • Should I invest my money in this company?
  • Do we win the election?
  • Do I/we win this fight, game or match?
  • Where is my pet?

Your inner Cosmic Goddess

The Goddess is the keeper of the mystery of life and an age-old world of archetypal power. As a representative for the soul of the world she engages us in the holy rituals in nature, animates and gives life in the cycle of life and death. Goddess culture flourished in prehistorical times when the magical awareness prevailed, supernatural powers were considered to be divine and the forces of nature were worshipped. Awareness of the mysteries was developed in phases through the wisdom of the Goddess. Much of this awareness was buried beneath the rational constructions of scientific knowledge that wiped away mysteries from life and excluded the magical processes.

With the help of the energies of the Asteroids, the awareness of the Goddess and her wisdom is once again available. The wisdom of the Goddess fills us with joy once again in the cycles of the ancient mysteries, a cosmic intelligence of our own inner life, holiness, divination, the mystery of healing, rituals and the necessity of offering something of yourself. The old feminine wisdom of the Goddesses embraced all phases of existence.

This astrological interpretation describes how various Goddesses help you in developing your inner soul through their wisdom and guidance.

Well-being, vitality and health

This astrological interpretation contains a variety of nutritional advice, stress management tips and treatment options. But it is not the intention that this report shall be used instead of a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner, or persons qualified within complementary medicine or alternative healing. It is important that you always consult professional medical and nutritional advice if you are worried about your health. The main focus in this report is to point out the astrological indicators that may manifest themselves as health problems, or imbalances, and to suggest possible causes of and/or treatments that may be useful.

When you read this report, don’t assume that all the health problems mentioned will be experienced, arise or will happen, but focus on the opportunities mentioned. Also be aware of that our individual birth horoscope is not a static thing. It is a symbolic representation of our potential, that unfolds and develops as we move through our journey of life. Our conscious acts and the choices we make play a key role in well-being, vitality and health.

Disclaimer:The author takes no responsibility for any adverse reactions caused. The information in this report is offered as a guide to health. The author takes no responsibility for the specific use or application of information presented here, nor for any unwanted effects encountered. Do not attempt self-treatment for serious health conditions.



Electional astrology will tell you the best timing for event like:

  • Founding a company
  • Start a new project.
  • Open a shop
  • When is the right time to invest my money.
  • Set the date for a wedding
  • Sell or buy a property.
  • Relocation.
  • Relocation and Astro- Geography, is used when:
  • You live in another place than where you are born.
  • Choose a place to live or reside.
  • Moving house.
  • Travelling
  • Holidays and vacations.
  • Do I live in the “right” place right now?
  • Where is the most optimal place for me to live for:
    • # Work and career
    • # Love and relationships
    • # Creative inspiration
    • # Retirement

Mundane astrology.

Mundane astrology is a very extensive branch within astrology, and is related to:

  • Political, cultural and historical events.
  • Countries.
  • Nations.
  • Unions.
  • Organizations.
  • My place within the organization.
  • Collective trends in society.
  • National and international cycles.

Sun Sign Columns.

Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly interpretations for Sun Sign Columns for:

  • Newspapers.
  • Magazines.

Mass produced and computerized interpretations are not being used.

Astro-psychological motivation.

How to create the best and effective force, dynamism and potential for:

  • Individuals
  • Groups.
  • Companies.
  • Organizations.
  • Working relations.
  • The human element within the company/organization.
  • The collective sub consciousness

Courses, lectures, articles.

Upon agreements.