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Stikkord: Mnajdra

1000 years in 2 minutes! Is this the world’s oldest stone calendar?
This is an animation film about how the Mnajdra Temple on Malta was constructed based on 4 years’ studies and reflects the theories in my book «Sky and Purpose in Prehistoric Malta: Sun, Moon and Stars at the Temples of Malta, which you can see further down the page.

Briefly stated my theory suggests that the temple was most probably built with a purpose of that the Sun’s rays from the Sunrise Spring and Autumn Equinixes, Summer and Winter solstices lighted up important predetermined areas inside the actual temple. This could have been used to track time through the solar year.

Perhaps on the basis of religious feasts and ceremonies, or perhaps for something as basic as agricultural needs. Some have described this temple as the world’s oldest calendar in stone, ca. 5 000 years old.

дебетовые карты с кэшбеком