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Revamp your front-end skills: Hands-on with HTML5 and CSS3

I’m driven by building products that are user-centered. I love to see whatever I work on to be impactful in people lives or within the compa… I am a front-end developer with bachelor’s degree of computer science.

It’s a compilation web development solutions that enable our sites to support modern web browsers. Begin by examining the role that HTML forms play in Full Stack Development , then looking at local storage options on the client. Learn what web workers are and how to configure them, and also the stages in the service worker lifecycle. Examine html5 lessons web sockets and the need for persistent communication with the server. Learn how to implement Server Sent Notifications using NodeJS. Then explore layouts, working with columns, widths, and sizes, and CSS Flexbox, by applying flex directives to styles. The exercise involves designing a popular three-column webpage layout format.


Mulraj is a front-end developer with 6+ years of industry experience working with jQuery, ReactJS, VueJS, Vanilla JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and… My studies centered on building things on the Internet, database management, system design, prog… I am a Full Stack Software engineer with a degree in computer science and over 10 years experience designing and building administrative and… Mechanical engineer transitioned to web developer specializing in React design and implementation. Thoroughly self-taught, please see portfo… Initiative, self-manageable, collaborative & experienced with building Websites using modern Technologies such as ReactJS, NextJS, etc.

  • In this case, XML allows for avoiding incompatibility while saving data in plain text format between XML tags.
  • It’s used to specify the representation of HTML elements on a webpage.
  • But by learning the basics and how they work together, you can get up to speed quickly.
  • There are several tools and platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, available that can be used to develop the front end of a website.
  • In short, Zebkit combines the best practices from the previous version and mixes in tons of new stuff to make it even better.

I have rich experience of React, Vue, Angular, Js, Ts, Html, Css. I am a Front-End React, React Native developer with 5+ years of experience who is currently looking for opportunities for the… Junior Web developer with desire to be successful in the area of programming in either Front/Back End developer.


The website’s front end is everything you see and can interact with using a browser. So, creating this visual part is called front-end development. Frontend developer with experience in building market-ready production level web applications from scratch.

Paragraphs are the simplest and most common form of content seen on webpages; any writing on a webpage that is not a header is represented in code as paragraphs. This is important to keep in mind for marketing and SEO purposes. This container is also where you can link the HTML document to other reference material to direct to our pull from, such as a CSS stylesheet as we’ll see later on. Get the latest minified versions of Modernizr feature detection library, complete with a custom build configuration.

Montage HTML5 Framework

Software developer and open-source technology enthusiast. Experienced in working and managing small teams.

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