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HotorNOT Website Assessment

This HOTorNOT website assessment is a summary of the experience as a part of the internet site. I was an associate for almost a decade and have manufactured hundreds of fits. During this time, I have experienced the chance to connect with a variety of people, both male and female. Although the website is predominantly male, there are several female employees. In fact , Dawn Ngo, a client service associate, was promoted to surgical procedures manager in 2003. This girl was a certain amount as being the main creative induce behind Meet up with Me, an electronic digital flower that was released in 2004. I actually also found Desiree Therianos, who is a fresh mother whom worked tightly with the manuacturers.

One of the main issues I noticed with HOTorNOT was the male or female imbalance. Whilst both sexes could actually submit pics, men had been rated on average more harshly than girls. The reason for this is that guys were submitting pictures for almost twice the rate of females.

While the Hot or perhaps Not web site design is very a lot like that of Badoo, there are some variances. For example , Hot or Not really has a white background and uses organized factors and web site. Therefore the website is easy to find their way. It also contains a mobile app, which allows affiliates to easily use most of its features.

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