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7,301 Reviews: What Is It Like to Work At Intuit?

intuit review

To make matters worse, their site constantly has problems, they don’t appear to support half the browsers out there, and they continually act like nothing is wrong. Been in business 23 years, used QB for 17 of them. Thanks to websites like yours, it saved us more stress than what we have already ben enduring. We went to the online version and almost jumped to the Merchant Services Program, but have had 6 months if pure hell with customer service with just the desktop conversion!

The Technology Lab Podcast – Review of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop – Sept. 2022 –

The Technology Lab Podcast – Review of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop – Sept. 2022.

Posted: Wed, 24 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

She called a few days later to check if I got it and it came that day. Then in February I saw a charge on my bank account of $50 that I did not recognize. Called the bank and they refunded because they could not trace the company making the charge.

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QuickBooks has both an online version and a desktop version, and there are pros and cons for each. The least expensive desktop version , is a one-time intuit quickbooks purchase that you download on your computer. It comes with three years of support and costs $299.99 per year ($199.99 for the first year).

  • DO NOT use this service, it will not end good for you.
  • When inserting a chip card, the unit locks up, and not longer works.
  • So i begin to speak with someone else at risk management to try to get details sorted out.
  • The problem is «on their end,» they say, and is «being worked on», and yet other techs say the problem is on my end, but everything they try does not work…on their end or my end!
  • This company train young people to rip small business off.
  • Two more navigation icons appear at the bottom of the screen.

We did like the visuals for monthly cash flow and spending categories, though. Budgets are no longer broken out on mobile as a separate label. Instead, you can access your budget info under the aforementioned new monthly tab — along with your spending, bills and subscriptions, goals, and bill negotiation.

QuickBooks Online Review

Intuit Quickbooks Payroll online will be written up by business writers as a classic case of taking something that was working and making it really bad. In a patently stupid move, Intuit changed the user interface for their online payroll service, ostensibly to align it with Quickbooks, and made it ten times worse. QB requiring to set up an account is intrusive and disruptive. How do I care to have an online account when I have a desktop QB version which is fully paid for?

When trying to use card at gas station, Intuit put a 7 day hold on $75.00 even when you didn’t end up using the card for the gas. Refused to release funds even when Intuit stated that they saw that there was no purchase made. In this case, the entire remaining balance of employees funds are on hold. I have timed my phone conversation today to give you an idea of the typical time wasted on the phone with the Merchant Service people. It is now 27 minutes and I am again on hold.

Excellent Service By Intuit

I get to spend my workdays helping small businesses in so many capacities. I use square (/square_com) my self and love it. THEY SENT ME LIKE TEN READERS SO I CAN PUT ONE EVERYWHER I NEED. Just ask and they will deliver. Never had any issue but their penny rounding where they win the battle on the rounding but that noting compared to what i am reading on this forum.

  • The funds have in fact been taken from our customers bank account, because I called and verified with them.
  • Like many other merchant services providers, QuickBooks Payments uses Fiserv as its back-end processor and is not a direct processor.
  • My first transaction with Intuit Quickbooks was a total disaster.
  • If you’re a new user, you may be eligible for a promotion that Intuit runs, which gives you 50 percent off these prices for three months.
  • All calls I have made were placed on hold for average 45 minutes.
  • Countney joined 11.41 on the chat and she replied like every five minutes, very time consuming .
  • If you have multiple accounts, all boxes are checked by default, but you can uncheck boxes if you’d like to import specific accounts only.

I also called in at one point to ask what I should do about our first returned check. Theirr representative told me to physically deposit it at the bank. I did this, which we were later told by another representative, was the incorrect thing to do.

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The company uses First Data as its processor but handles its customer service and operations in-house. I will never use Intuit nor will I recommend them to any colleagues due to the way they disguise fees. I closed my account with them and yet they continued to withdrawal money from my business checking account. A $12 customer service fee for calling to inquire about closing my account!

  • The biggest reason is their charge back policies.
  • QuickBooks Online offers much of the same functionality, but system navigation is very different from the original desktop version.
  • I would never recommend this company to a small business, they will let you go bankrupt waiting on payment.
  • Migrates to new servers during business hours thus causing down time in US businesses.
  • To cancel after 5 months of not using the service it took 1 hour and 40 minutes and 4 different reps. First rep took nearly 50 minutes of hold time.
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QuickBooks Payments can offer most of the features the average small business might be looking for. The trick is that some of QuickBooks Payments’ features are spread between different plans and settings. Selecting the right QuickBooks Payments plan can be a bit of an undertaking. QuickBooks Payments seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and includes eCommerce support, invoicing, and ACH payments at a reasonable cost. Intuit has a consumer rating of 3.18 stars from 11 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Intuit ranks 20th among Accounting Software sites.

The Account Reconciliation Process

When pricing your options, remember that, with the right gateway pairing, any of our top-rated merchant services providers can set you up with an account and QB integration. The main appeal of QuickBooks Payments is that it allows customers who are already using QuickBooks to process all of their transactions and take care of accounting, all in one place. However, this comes with added expenses that are not applicable to companies that exclusively offer payment processing services. In order to compare transaction fees, you will need to consider how much money you plan to process per month.

Of fraudulent charges they say I now am responsible for. They want me to pay at least 55% and sign a confidentiality agreement and waive any rights I may have under section 1542 of the California Civil Code. I have no idea what to do; my lawyer bills are racking up and I feel like I may lose everything. I am hearing all of these stories and have my own similar type experiences which I typed here.

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Their banks dont care and even if you even call them out on that fraud, the buyer’s bank just pretends it doesnt exist. The majority of complaints center on issues relating to hidden and surprise fees, poor customer service, and sudden account holds and freezes.

intuit review

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